All media inquiries should be directed to Derek McElfresh at

Office of the Superintendent

Superintendent Scott Drue
Superintendent’s Secretary Debbie Valoff

Human Resources

Assistant Superintendent / Human Resources Dan Busch
Human Resource Specialist Sandra Sprauer

Teaching & Learning

Director of Teaching and Learning Leslie Roache
Teaching & Learning Secretary Jessina Murphy
District Systems Support & Data Specialist Heidi Eberle
Community Liaison Yolanda Zavala

Business Office

Business Manager Steve Nielsen
Controller Kim Doud
Accounts Payable Clerk Raisa Dancheva
Fiscal Services Secretary / District Receptionist Shelly Bochsler
Payroll & Benefits Specialist Sarah Ninman
Account Specialist / Student Information & Data Sharon Etzel

Special Services Department

Director of Special Services Dana Pedersen
Special Services Secretary Amber Tjaarda

Maintenance & Facilities

Maintenance & Facility Director Lorin Stanley
Custodial Supervisor Helen Fetsch
Facility, Maintenance & Custodial Specialist Alex Johnson


Communications & Community Relations Derek McElfresh
Communications Assistant Daniel Vasquez


Director of IT Brett Milliken
Help Desk Manager Susie McMullin
Computer Technician Vasily Snegirev


Route Coordinator Heather Johnson