Are you interested in substituting as either a teacher or a classified staff member (food service, custodial, educational assistant, etc.)? See the information below for the process to apply!

If you have any questions or problems at any stage of this process, please contact:

Sandy Sprauer
HR Specialist

Silver Falls School District
503-873-5303, Ext. 1136

Substituting in Silver Falls School District has two requirements:

  1. Obtain a substitute teaching license.
  2. Register at to join our pool of substitutes.

Chart of Requirements (see complete details and instructions below the chart):

Requirement Documents Needed How to Submit
Application and Fee Submit through TSPC eLicensing
Fingerprints/background clearance Instructions emailed upon submission of an application and fee
Verification of bachelor’s degree or higher Official Transcripts Transcripts-Choose ONE:

Electronic, received directly from the college.


250 Division St NE, Salem, OR 97301. Must be received in a sealed university envelope.

NOTE: Transcripts uploaded by the educator or not received in a sealed university envelope cannot be accepted as official.

Sponsorship Letter submitted from your Oregon employer requesting the license. Contact your employing Oregon school district to have them submit the letter to our office.

(note: if you experience an issue at any point in this process, please reach out to Sandy Sprauer at for assistance.)

  1. If you currently hold an Oregon Teaching License:
    1. Register with to join our pool of substitutes.
  2. If you have a Bachelor’s Degree, you can obtain a Restricted Substitute Teaching License through the Oregon Teachers Standards & Practices Commission (TSPC). Silver Falls School District will sponsor you for this license. This process is as follows:
    1. Apply for a first-time license with the TSPC’s eLicensing application. Complete details about the requirements for licensure are also available from TSPC.
      1. There is a fee required for licensure, which you must pay directly to TSPC.
      2. After submitting your application and fee, you will be emailed instructions from TSPC that will walk you through the process of obtaining a background check and fingerprinting. These steps must be completed, but need not occur before you continue on to step 2, below.
      3. TSPC will require you to submit official transcripts showing your completion of a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. This is in addition to the step listed below which requires only unofficial transcripts.
    2. Once you have applied for your license and paid the fee, send a copy of your college transcripts showing completion of your Bachelor’s degree to Sandy Sprauer at Unofficial transcripts are okay for this step. Upon receipt of your transcripts, we will submit our letter of sponsorship to TSPC.
    3. Once you have completed your License application and sent your transcripts to Sandy Sprauer, visit and register for our substitute pool.
      1. Note: on the EduStaff website, if prompted, select the option that indicates that you are a licensed substitute, despite the fact that your license application is still in process.
      2. Also note: it may take TSPC up to 3 months to process your teaching license application. However, once you are registered with EduStaff, we will request that you be allowed to substitute teach for us while your application is still in process.
  3. If you don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree, but would are interested in substitute teaching, please contact Sandy Sprauer at for more information.

To substitute as an educational assistant, or as a food service or custodial employee, visit and register to substitute with us.