Student Investment Account (SIA) intends to promote equity for all students by addressing the mental and behavioral health needs of all and reducing success disparities for students of color, emerging bilingual, disability, poverty, and other underperforming/underserved populations as measured by 3rd grade reading, regular attendance, 9th grade on track, and high school completion. Allowable expenses to address these markers include increase of instructional time, health and safety, reduction of class size, and expanded educational opportunities. Silver Falls School District believes in transparency of process, and it is in that spirit that the following process summaries, timelines, and budgeting documents are provided.

The most recent SIA Board report is available here: SIA Board Report 2021 09. The current annual report (2022), is available here: SFSD SIA Annual Report November 2022.

A one-page summary document is available in PDF format (SIA One Page Summary), or see the tabbed sections below for full details.

To see the current Grant agreement, see the following PDF: SIA Grant Agreement – Silver Falls SD 4J. Comments and feedback are welcome, and can be presented at meetings of the school board or sent to