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2018-19 Strategic Planning Process

Following the community focus groups and forums held in the fall (full report available here), Silver Falls School District has engaged a strategic planning process which has resulted in draft versions of new core values, goals, mission statement, etc. At the February 11th Board Meeting, these items were presented to the board. The work continues, but we wanted to share our progress thus far with interested community members. See full details below.

Strategic Visioning Leadership Team
Interim Report to Silver Falls School Board
February 11, 2019

Core Values
December 2018

The Silver Falls School District Is Committed To:

Safety…safe, welcoming, and inclusive
Opportunities…many, varied, and diverse
Equity…success for each and every student
Excellence…a daily pursuit for students and staff
Life Readiness…prepared for what comes next

Mission Statement
January 2019

Working together to cultivate character and academic growth in each student, every day.

Vision Statement
January 2019

Each student graduates prepared to lead a fulfilling life.

Strategic Goals

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)/Vulnerable Populations
Every student with a plan to lead a fulfilling life
Address facilities issues district-wide

2018-19 Strategic Plan (Year 5 of 5 Year Plan)

Mid-year review — 3.11.19

This document was created with insights from members of our community, student body and District leadership team and will serve as a guide for the future to help us provide the best education possible for our students. Year 2 updates to the plan have now been approved by the school board. The plan can be viewed by clicking on the link below. Commissioned by the school board in August of 2013, our initial task was to engage a cross-representation of the public and ask questions about what we are doing well and where we can improve. We spoke with more than 200 local residents and community leaders from a multitude of backgrounds and occupations. The information gathering process included 13 focus groups and 3 community forums. We also collected input from an additional 1300 people using an on-line engagement process. This large representation of community members provided rich and clear feedback that has shaped this Strategic Visioning Plan.

This document describes the education qualities that participants described as important to our communities. We understand that local influence is essential to helping our schools create the thinkers and problem solvers of tomorrow. Additionally, we know that each of us must continue to work together in support of each student in all of our District schools. We believe that this collective approach is central to the future of our students and schools. You may have also noticed that our District team has been working to enhance two-way communication in a number of ways. Our goal is to provide more regular updates about school related issues and activities as well as invite on-going feedback and input from community members. Please help us achieve our goal by sharing your ideas and suggestions on a regular basis.

As you review this document, we ask that you consider our mission statement: Together… cultivating character and academic growth in each student. Every day as it helps to guide our strategic planning over the coming years.

For more information, see the SFSD Mission Poster – 2017-18.