Every year, the Oregon Department of Education releases school and district report cards on their report card site. For your convenience we keep an archive of school report cards below. The most recent Silver Falls School District report card is also available here: 2018-19 SFSD Report Card (2018-19 SFSD PERFIL DEL DISTRITO DE OREGÓN).

English Language Report Cards
2016-17 Silverton Middle School Report Card341.4 KiB376
2016-17 Silverton High School Report Card394.4 KiB427
2016-17 Silver Crest Report Card338.1 KiB336
2016-17 Scotts Mills Report Card340.0 KiB319
2016-17 Robert Frost Report Card339.0 KiB301
2016-17 Pratum Report Card339.1 KiB301
2016-17 Mark Twain Report Card338.3 KiB380
2016-17 Evergreen Report Card340.5 KiB324
2016-17 District Report Card498.1 KiB312
2016-17 Community Roots Report Card338.4 KiB359
2016-17 Central Howell Report Card339.0 KiB338
2016-17 Butte Creek Report Card340.0 KiB338
2016-17 Bethany Report Card340.9 KiB361
Spanish Language Report Cards
2016-17 Victor Point Report Card - Spanish340.9 KiB253
2016-17 Silverton Middle School Report Card - Spanish341.5 KiB271
2016-17 Silverton High School Report Card - Spanish394.1 KiB250
2016-17 Silver Crest Report Card - Spanish338.5 KiB272
2016-17 Scotts Mills Report Card - Spanish340.3 KiB243
2016-17 Robert Frost Report Card - Spanish339.6 KiB239
2016-17 Pratum Report Card - Spanish337.2 KiB244
2016-17 Mark Twain Report Card - Spanish338.7 KiB258
2016-17 Evergreen Report Card - Spanish340.8 KiB276
2016-17 District Report Card - Spanish497.7 KiB258
2016-17 Community Roots Report Card - Spanish338.7 KiB255
2016-17 Central Howell Report Card - Spanish337.3 KiB279
2016-17 Butte Creek Report Card - Spanish340.3 KiB245