Paid Leave Oregon

What is Paid Leave Oregon?

Paid Leave Oregon is a new program that allows individuals to take paid time off for many of life’s most important moments that impact our families and our health and safety. Oregon employers have the ability to provide Paid Leave Oregon benefits through an equivalent plan provider. An equivalent plan provider provides benefits to all employees that are equal to, or greater, than those provided by Paid Leave Oregon and is approved by the Oregon Employment Department. Learn more about Oregon’s Paid Leave program on the official Paid Leave Oregon website.

Paid Leave Oregon can be taken independently or combined with an FMLA/OFLA qualifying leave.

American Fidelity is Silver Falls School District’s Paid Leave Oregon equivalent plan provider. Employees apply for and receive PLO benefits directly from American Fidelity. As an equivalent plan provider, American Fidelity manages all aspects of an employee’s PLO claim, from application and leave verification, to payment.

Learn more about American Fidelity’s PLO program HERE. 

Applying for Paid Leave Oregon is a Two-part Process

For pre-planned events, you must provide notice to the Human Resources Team at least 30 calendar days advance notice. In an emergency, you must provide notice to the Human Resources Benefits Team within 24 hours of the event and submit a written notice to the HR Team within 3 days of starting the leave.

E-Mail the HR Team here:

Step 1: Submit a Leave Application to Human Resources.

Visit the OFLA/FMLA Medical Leaves page and learn about how to apply for protected leaves.

Step 2: Submit a Paid Leave Oregon Application through American Fidelity.

Log into your American Fidelity online account and click request leave, then follow the on-screen prompts. If you do not have an American Fidelity online account, you can register here.

Check out American Fidelity’s Leave Support website for more information and videos to help navigate the claim application process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Paid Leave Oregon

Am I covered by PLO?

You are automatically covered if:

  • You work in Oregon;
  • You earned at least $1,000 the year before you apply for benefits; and
  • You have a life event that qualifies you.

What is a qualifying event for PLO leave?

  • Medical Leave: for your own serious health condition.
  • Family Leave: bonding with a child, or caring for a family member with a serious health condition.
  • Safe Leave: seeking help for yourself or for a minor child / dependent, related to domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault, or stalking.

When can I apply for PLO benefits?

  • As soon as you are aware of or have a qualifying event.
  • For pre-planned events, you must provide notice to your employer at least 30 calendar days advance notice.
  • In an emergency, you must provide notice to your employer within 24 hours of the event and submit a written notice within 3 days of starting the leave.

When can I start to receive PLO benefits?

  • Once your leave application and required documentation is received by American Fidelity, processing time can take up to 14 calendar days.

How much time can I take off with PLO?

  • You can take up to 12 weeks of paid time off in a year.
  • If you’re pregnant, have given birth or have health issues related to child-birth, you may be able to take up to two more weeks, for a total of 14 weeks.
  • You can take leave for a week or a single day at a time (excluding parental leave).

Is my job protected while I’m out on PLO leave?

  • By law, your job is protected while you are on leave if you have worked at least 90 days for your employer.

Who is considered a “family member” under PLO?

  • Your spouse or domestic partner.
  • Your child or the child’s spouse or domestic partner.
  • Your parent or your parent’s spouse or domestic partner.
  • Your sibling or step-sibling or their spouse or domestic partner.
  • Your grandparent or your grandparent’s spouse or domestic partner.
  • Your grandchild or your grandchild’s spouse or domestic partner.
  • Anyone you are related to by blood or anyone who lives with or is connected to you like a family member.

How do I apply for PLO?

  • Apply directly with American Fidelity (see the steps listed above).

Do I have to apply for PLO?

  • No. Application for PLO benefits is optional.

Who do I contact with questions about my PLO application or benefit payments?

How are my taxes impacted while I am on Paid Leave Oregon?

Who do I contact about my time off?

Still have more questions?
Please email and we’ll do our best to answer or connect you with the right people to help.

Important Paid Leave Oregon Pay Information

PLO Payments

  • After your claim has been submitted, American Fidelity will review your application and any required documentation to determine your benefits and pay you a weekly amount.
  • The amount you get paid from American Fidelity is based on how much you earn in Oregon. Silver Falls School District reports wages to American Fidelity on a monthly basis and that information is used to calculate your weekly benefit dollar amount.
  • Some employees will have the option to supplement their OFML benefits with contractual leaves if their benefit amount does not meet 100% wage replacement. If you would like to use contractual leaves to make up the difference, please notify our payroll team at
  • Employees can set up direct deposit with American Fidelity as part of the claim application.