Opt-In Testing Information/Updates

Free K-12 COVID-19 Weekly Screening Program

The K-12 COVID-19 Weekly Screening Program is a free and optional program for students to screen for COVID-19 with a saliva sample. You can opt-in and opt-out at any time, consent forms are available in multiple languages. Participation is not required each week but it is strongly encouraged. By screening for COVID-19 weekly we are able to reduce outbreaks by catching positive cases early, especially for asymptomatic individuals. By doing this, we can keep schools open, children in school, and parents in work. For a list of other benefits of weekly screening click here.

The test is a saliva PCR test, and it is our most accurate test. After opting into the program, you will receive a welcome email where you can access more information and step-by-step instructions. A supply of tests will be mailed to the student’s home, where they can be collected in private, and then returned to the school’s drop-off box, usually located in or near the main office. After the lab receives the sample, the results are uploaded to a private and secure online reporting portal within 24 hours. If your student tests positive, you will receive a call from our lab with information on quarantining, guidance on when to seek medical help, and additional help and resources if needed.

Because these tests are PCR tests they will also work in cases where a negative test is required for travel or other events. For frequently asked questions click here, and scroll to the bottom of the page. For community testing or other information, you can access the website at scopemolecular.org.

Main takeaways

  • Free and optional weekly COVID-19 screening testing
  • Weekly participation not required but strongly encouraged to reduce outbreaks and keep schools open, keep kids in school, and parents in work
  • Saliva PCR tests mailed to the student’s home
  • Completed tests returned to school’s drop off box
  • Results uploaded to private reporting portal within 24 hours of labs receipt
  • Opt-in here, consent forms are available in multiple languages.