For videos of past board meetings, please see this link to our YouTube page.  For board meeting agendas and minutes, beginning November 27th, 2017, visit our BoardBook page. For meetings prior to November 27th of 2017, please see the Board Meetings Archive Folder.

For a calendar of board meeting dates, please see our calendars page.

Board Meeting Information

A meeting occurs when a quorum is present to receive information or to decide or deliberate on any public matter. All board meetings shall be conducted in public unless specifically exempt. The board may elect to discuss private matters of personnel, site acquisition, collective bargaining and/or pending litigation in closed (executive) session.

The Silver Falls School Board meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Silverton High School library. Board work sessions are regularly scheduled for the fourth Monday of each month. Special meetings are scheduled as necessary.

Public Comments at Board Meetings

The Silver Falls School Board invites and encourages citizen attendance and involvement. Thank you for coming!

All Board of Education monthly business meetings (with the exception of executive session) are open to the public and are conducted in public. Hearings on subjects are conducted at separate meetings.

The board meeting is designed to keep presentations and deliberations efficient and effective. The Board will not typically comment on public presentations, but listen only. Questions asked by the public will, when possible, be answered immediately by the chairperson or referred to other Board members or staff members present for a reply. The board may choose not to address your request if your topic is outside the scope of the Board’s governance. The Board will not take action on non-agenda issues raised during the public comment period. The Board may refer the matter to the superintendent for review, do nothing, or place it on a later agenda.

The Board encourages citizens to share their ideas, opinions, raise questions, concerns or compliments. Under Audience with Visitors the Board Chairperson will ask those in attendance if anyone would like to address the Board. If you wish to speak, please raise your hand at that time to be recognized by the Board Chairperson. You will be asked to speak from the table in front of the Board.

  • Anyone providing public testimony is required to place their name and address on the sign-in log at the time of speaking.
  • All public testimony is limited to 3 minutes for each individual. Up to 5 minutes may be granted to groups of 3 or more with similar testimony. Please identify your group and designate 1 spokesperson.
  • Due to time constraints, the maximum amount of public testimony is 10 individuals.
  • When called, please state your name, relationship to the district, place of residence and the subject which you will address.
  • The Board will not hear personal complaints concerning district personnel or against any person connected with the school system.
  • Public input from an individual should be “new information” only. Those repeating previous testimony will not be allowed to continue.

For more information about Silver Falls School District, please contact the district office at 503-873-5303.