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Facilities Usage Requests2017-06-29T08:54:37-07:00

Welcome to the Facility Usage Requests page for the Silver Falls School District. As of Summer of 2017, we have shifted all facilities requests to a new system. Please follow the instructions below to gain access to the SchoolDude/CommunityUse software.

Instructions for accessing CommunityUse:

Click on the CommunityUse link below and follow the instructions in the upper right hand corner. Once you become a community user, you may apply to use our facilities.

You will receive an email from SchoolDude when your event has been approved and activated. Please do not opt out of email notifications or you will not get our messages.

When space is available, individuals and community members may apply to reserve District facilities. The requested times may not interfere with the Silver Falls School District instructional programs, student athletics or activities and school-related groups.

Please note that not all rooms in a school are available for rent.

Questions regarding fees, invoices, policy and procedural issues should be directed to the Lisa Roth at roth_lisa@silverfalls.k12.or.us.

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