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Below is a list of available calendars for Silver Falls School District 4J. For more information, please contact Debbie Valoff at valoff_debbie@silverfalls.k12.or.us.

Most of the files used by Silver Falls School District 4J require the use of Adobe Reader. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free here.


School Calendars
2018-2019 SFSD CALENDAR - ADOPTED 2-12-18 (corrected)170.1 KiB4854
2018-2019 Parent Calendar155.3 KiB4236
2017-2018 SFSD Schools Calendar166.4 KiB7218
2017-2018 Parent Calendar154.6 KiB6412
Board Calendars
SFSD Board & Budget Calendar 2017-2018 (2018 04 17 Revision)68.4 KiB229
SFSD Board & Budget Calendar 2016-2017145.4 KiB779
SFSD Board & Budget Calendar - 2018-2019 (2019 01 10 Revision)179.9 KiB13