Good afternoon, Silver Falls Families.

Silver Falls School District acknowledges that students may experience increased absences this school year due to COVID screening requirements, isolation, and quarantine. It is the district’s expectation that teachers and students will do their best to maintain learning, relationships, and connection despite these absences.

Students and families may request work for students to complete at home when absent. SFSD recognizes that when students are ill, it is difficult to heal and complete school work. SFSD will collaborate with students and families in order to accelerate any learning delayed due to an absence. This may mean not completing the same work assigned in class during the missed days, but rather alternative learning activities once the student returns to school.

Opportunities for individualized support will vary depending on grade level, class size, and duration of absence. Every school in the district is committed to ensuring each student is able to remain on-track for the year regardless of illness, isolation, or quarantine.

Each student will have a device checked out to them in order to shift learning models quickly if needed. Teachers will have an online learning platform set up for students, and families will be provided instruction on how to navigate those platforms in order to shift learning models quickly if needed. These are the district’s minimum requirements; however, online tools may not be used daily or with every absence. The final decision on how best to serve each student will be made on a case by case basis.