The agenda for the June 2nd meeting of the SFSD Budget Committee is available on the district’s BoardBook page here.

The meeting is at 7pm, and will be held via Zoom.

Zoom Webinar Registration Link:

As always, please allow for brief delays as folks turn on and off their microphones to speak and we ask that panelists stay muted when you are not speaking to improve the quality of audio in our meeting. Attendees will need to request to have your microphone enabled to participate during those times during the meeting. In order to make a public comment, please email at least 5 minutes before the public comment period and your microphone will be enabled when your name is called upon. During designated public comment periods, please be patient as we respond as quick as possible to requests by attendees to interact with the panel of Board and Budget Committee Members. Thanks in advance for your patience as we get started tonight with this upgraded Zoom Webinar platform. Thanks for “Zooming- in tonight.