An update to the situation with the water quality at Victor Point School:

Today we received the most recent test results of the arsenic level in the water at Victor Point. These results revealed the following:

  • The arsenic level in each test came back lower than our previous round of testing.
  • Water coming from multiple sources within the building showed arsenic levels above the safe level for drinking water.
  • Water directly at the well tested at exactly the maximum allowable level of arsenic for the water to be considered safe to drink.

While arsenic levels were significantly reduced versus our previous test results, it is the district’s goal to provide water that is as clean and free of contaminants as possible. With this in mind, the district is moving ahead with the installation of a new filtration system and expanded pump house at Victor Point School, to be completed in the next few weeks. We will perform another round of tests following the installation of the new system.

We plan to install a temporary filtration system before the permanent system is in place. The district will continue to provide bottled water to students and for cooking purposes until the water at Victor Point is once again safe to drink.