Please see the attached notice at the bottom of this post regarding recent water testing at Victor Point School.
As noted in the letter, recent tests indicated unsafe amounts of arsenic in the water at Victor Point School. Please note that Victor Point School is on its own well, and no other district schools are affected. At this time, the district has taken the following actions:
  • Students & staff of Victor Point School have been notified that they should not drink the water.
  • We have delivered bottled water to Victor Point School for the use of students, staff, and visitors. There will be plenty of bottled water onsite and available at all times until this issue has been resolved.
  • Water fountains at the school have been disabled.
  • We have contracted with outside agencies to assist with further testing and to identify potential solutions to this issue.
Note that while the arsenic level in the water is above the federally mandated “safe drinking water standard”, also known as the “maximum contaminant level”, it is below the acute level known to cause harm, per the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). Also per OHA, the water is safe to use for washing hands, dishes, and other surfaces. For more information, see the following fact sheet from OHA: OHA Arsenic.
We will continue to provide updates to this situation as they occur.