Dear Silver Falls Families,

You may have heard about the Oregon Education Association’s Day of Action scheduled for May 8th. Teachers across the state of Oregon have been asked to join a walkout on this day to demand sufficient funding for public schools.  Some neighboring school districts have decided to close for all or part of the day due to anticipated low staffing levels and little access to substitute teachers.  I wanted you to know that our teachers have chosen to be at school that day and provide uninterrupted instruction to our students.  However, rather than a “walk out”, our teachers have decided to enter each school collectively with a “walk in” at 7:30 AM.  Additionally, employees have been asked to wear red in solidarity with teachers statewide.  You are welcome to do the same. These efforts support the message for long-overdue and sufficient funding for all Oregon schools.  They also emphasize a statement to the legislature that teachers routinely arrive at work prior to their contract start time, stay later, bring work home, or all of the above.

I support this message.  It is also important to our teachers and me that you receive this information prior to May 8th so you are fully aware of activity here.  It is essential to our school district that sufficient funding is realized in order to fully support our school district mission and to continue our efforts toward the success of EACH student.

Thank you for your continued support of our school district.

Andy Bellando