Silver Falls School District Families and Community Members,
We’re grateful for those who have taken the time to participate in our ThoughtExchange campaign. We value your opinions, and the time you have taken to share them.
For district strategic and instructional planning (as required by the Oregon Department of Education) for our District Continuous Improvement Plan, we sought to gather information from our community regarding two key indicators:
1. Core content priorities, and
2. Well-rounded education indicators.
Unfortunately, the question as asked in the engagement was not generating responses focused on those two objectives. Additionally, monitoring by the ThoughtExchange company analysts indicated possible concerns regarding the reliability of the data. As a result, and in recognition of the time and effort our community regularly puts forth in engagement campaigns, we’ve made the decision to shut down this ThoughtExchange a few days early. We plan to release another survey in the near future, with changes in place that will actively focus responses toward these two points, as well as address reliability concerns.