//Silver Falls Schools Celebrate Perfect Migrant Graduation Rate
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Silver Falls Schools Celebrate Perfect Migrant Graduation Rate

Silver Falls School District (SFSD) employees are celebrating the Oregon Department of Education’s (ODE) recent release of 4-year Cohort Graduation Rates. The report confirmed that 100 percent of SFSD’s Migrant students in the Class of 2017 graduated from high school.

“We’re very proud,” said Andy Bellando, Superintendent of Silver Falls School District. “Our high school graduation rates reflect the fact that all of our district schools provide a safe and welcoming environment for our students.”

While the Migrant population subgroup was the only one to achieve 100 percent graduation in 2017, every SFSD subgroup performed at least a full ten percentage points above the State of Oregon overall total (the State’s migrant graduation rate was 70.98 percent, for comparison). SFSD’s Hispanic subgroup graduated at a rate of 84.78 percent compared to the state’s 72.54 percent, Economically Disadvantaged students graduated at a rate of 86.93 percent compared to the State’s 70.06 percent, and Special Education students graduated at a rate of 73.81 percent against the state’s 58.81 percent.

Despite these successes, Bellando said he isn’t satisfied.

“It takes sustained practices, district-wide, that target the individual needs of our students for us to be successful. We’re proud of these results but our goal isn’t for most of our students to graduate from high school, but all of them. We want all our students to achieve graduation. 100 percent is the goal and we know we can get there. Our success with our Migrant students is proof it can be done.”

SFSD’s overall graduation rate for the Class of 2017 was 88.16 percent, placing it in the top 10 percent of all Oregon school districts. Bellando said that success is the result of a concerted team effort.

“We hold our students to a high standard across the board. Even our graduation requirements are higher. The State’s graduation requirement is 24 credits, we require 25.5. We’re a high-performing district because every employee is focused on the welfare of our students, and not just in their academics. You don’t have a high-performing school if you aren’t addressing the social and emotional needs of your students as well.”

Silver Falls School District serves over 3900 students in grades K-12 in the cities of Silverton and Scotts Mills and surrounding communities.

The Oregon Department of Education released its annual graduation report on January 25. The full report can be viewed on the ODE website.

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