//Safe & Welcoming Schools

Safe & Welcoming Schools

Dear Friends and Families of Silver Falls School District,

The beginning of the school year is an ideal time to affirm our belief in the growth of every student in the Silver Falls School District. This is central to our Mission and as a team of educators, we take this responsibility seriously. I want to be certain that our entire community is aware of this commitment.

Schools in Silver Falls School District are places where all students are welcomed and opportunities are provided in a safe and nurturing fashion. This is our job and our incredible educators do everything possible to make it happen, every day. I continue to be impressed by their talent, including their advocacy for each student, regardless of culture, gender, race, color or any differences.

Attached to this page (see bottom of page) is an essential document titled “Safe and Welcoming Schools”. It contains important reminders based upon school district policies. It affirms our commitment to a safe and welcoming experience for each student at every school in Silver Falls School District.

Our school district is “one of a kind”. We believe in the talents of our students and in the opportunities we provide for the growth of each. Thank you for your commitment to the same.






Andy Bellando, Superintendent

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