/Standards Based Grading
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The Oregon legislature has changed the requirements for the way in which schools report progress to parents. School districts are required to provide parents with information on their student’s progress toward individual standards in each content area. Report cards and parent online access in Pinnacle will provide information on student progress by standard, including specifics on what your child knows and is able to do.  In grades K-8, all skills are now measured on a 5-point scale. At Silverton High School, the English and Math departments have also moved to grading using a 5-point scale and other departments will begin transitioning over the next year(s). Standards-Based Rubric:

5: Exceeds Standard The student can perform the skill appropriately and accurately but can also analyze, choose strategies, apply them, analyze results for reasonableness and accuracy, and explain their reasoning.
4: Meets Standard The student can perform the skill appropriately and accurately.
3: Nearly Meets Standard The student can perform the skill but makes errors that may affect the results.
2: In Progress The student demonstrates a basic understanding of the skill but requires support to complete the work.
1: Beginning The student demonstrates little or no understanding of how to perform the skill and cannot complete the work.

Students who are meeting the expected requirements in standards will receive a score of 4.  Students will be provided multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery in each standard.  At the end of the semester, each standard for a content area will be calculated together to determine a final grade.   In addition to the overall course grade, information about mastery on individual standards will also be printed on the report card. We will work through this transition to standards-based grading over the course of this school year.  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions from your child’s teacher or building principal. We are moving forward…together.