For videos of past board meetings, please see this link.  For board meeting agendas and minutes, please see the list at the bottom of this page.

Board Meeting Information

A meeting occurs when a quorum is present to receive information or to decide or deliberate on any public matter. All board meetings shall be conducted in public unless specifically exempt. The board may elect to discuss private matters of personnel, site acquisition, collective bargaining and/or pending litigation in closed (executive) session.

The Silver Falls School Board meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Silverton Community Center (city council chambers) unless there is a conflict with a city council meeting. Board work sessions are regularly scheduled for the fourth Monday of each month. Work session meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. in the school district office. Special meetings are scheduled as necessary.

Public Comments at Board Meetings

The board encourages public comment in order to make better informed decisions. To expedite public comment and make judicious use of time the following practices are strongly encouraged:

  • Contact the district superintendent at least one week prior to the meeting and ask to be placed on the agenda.
  • Give the superintendent as much detail as possible about your comments so that background information can be developed for board consideration prior to the meeting.

The board has established the following guidelines to accommodate public testimony:

  • Get recognition from the Board Chair before speaking.
  • Give testimony from the designated place.
  • Keep comments concise and avoid repetition.
  • Be specific about what you want the board to do.
  • The board may delay action to a future meeting in order to allow time for study and research.

It may be necessary for the board to establish limits on the length of testimony in order to accommodate all who want to speak. The board believes that issues related to most items can be adequately presented, including questions and clarification, in ten minutes or less.

For more information about Silver Falls School District, please contact: Andy Bellando at or by telephone at 503-873-5303.

Board Meeting Agendas
2017 11 27 Board Meeting Agenda & Packet (work Session)1.3 MiB3
2017 11 13 Board Meeting Packet15.1 MiB26
2017 11 13 Board Meeting Agenda146.3 KiB43
2017 11 13 Board Meeting Addendum - Proposed Revision To Policy Section I - Part 21.7 MiB31
2017 11 13 Board Meeting Addendum - Proposed Revision To Policy Section I - Part 11.3 MiB33
2017 10 23 Board Meeting Work Session Agenda & Packet280.3 KiB62
2017 10 09 Board Meeting Agenda & Packet (revised)9.1 MiB73
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Board Meeting Minutes
2017 09 11 Board Meeting Minutes101.6 KiB38
2017 08 28 Board Meeting Minutes (work Session)71.0 KiB64
2017 08 22 Board Meeting Minutes (work Session)67.4 KiB66
2017 08 14 Board Meeting Minutes91.2 KiB72
2017 07 10 Board Meeting Minutes100.4 KiB89
2017 06 26 Board Meeting Minutes (work Session)77.2 KiB115
2017 06 12 Board Meeting Minutes107.6 KiB129
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