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This Committee is charged with development of a district-wide Long Range Facility Plan (Plan).  It is a document which defines thoughtful direction for buildings, grounds and undeveloped properties of the District.  The plan will provide recommended direction for future decisions such as renovation, construction, demolition and sale of buildings or decisions specific to existing or future district property.  Major maintenance projects should also be identified.  Development of the Plan should focus on anticipated topics and issues that are broader than facility concerns alone.  These include demographic changes, instructional needs, curricular needs, and general education requirements based upon the vision of the District.

The Plan is to specify recommended projects, the timing and sequencing of the projects, their estimated costs and funding source(s).  The Plan should extend for twenty years with scheduled updates every three years.  The most recent Long Range Facility Plan will be used as a reference.

The Committee is to be comprised of a cross-section of school personnel, parents and community members.  Municipally and local organizations will be represented on the Committee.  Assistance will be provided by an outside consultant, Hill International.  The Committee will develop, utilize and implement a planning process that is transparent, participatory and communicates effectively in a timely manner to all community members and district staff.  The Committee is to meet monthly throughout the 2011-12 school year.  It is to provide opportunity for public input which will be used in generating the final recommended Plan.

The Committee shall hold its first meeting on October 20, 2011 and is to present a final report and recommendation to the Silver Falls School District Board by June 25, 2012.