It is the intent of the District to provide safe transportation to and from school for those students who are eligible according to the policies established by the Board.  The Silver Falls School District contracts with Durham School Services to provide student transportation services.

Questions and Answers

  1. Questions regarding the location of bus stops, route change requests, pick up and drop off times should be directed to Durham School Services at 503-873-3721.
  2. All other concerns regarding transportation should be directed to Dandy Stevens at 503-873-5303.
  3. Concerns regarding students requiring specialized transportation should be directed to Marlys Jones at 503-873-5303.

***Parents should refer to district website for Board policies EEA/EEAB/EEAC and/or the Student/Parent Handbook for a more detailed explanation of student conduct rules and disciplinary procedures.

Snow Routes
Snow Routes - 2016-2017 - Butte Creek & Scotts Mills - Revised 1-13-17292.0 KiB111
Snow Routes - 2016-2017 - For 9 Schools - Revised 1-13-2017254.9 KiB96
Snow Routes - 2016-2017 - Silver Crest - Revised 12-9-2016247.1 KiB129
Snow Routes - 2016-2017 - Victor Point - Revised 12-9-2016287.5 KiB122

Silver Falls Routes - All Schools217.1 KiB704