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To inform the public concerning the expenditure of the 2006 Capital Bond proceeds.

Eight to twelve citizens, two Silver Falls School District Board members, and two Silverton High students.

District Liaison
Superintendent and representative from architectural firm as needed.

Qualifications for Appointment

  • Resident of the Silver Falls School District.
  • No vested interest in bond projects independently or by association with another organization or person.
  • Ability to meet monthly for the next two years.


  • The Board will appoint the members of the Bond Advisory Committee (BAC) at its December 11, 2006 meeting.
  • The Board, Administration, and Bond Advisory Committee will meet on January 22, 2007 during the scheduled board work session to confirm the Board’s expectations of the committee’s role.

Meeting Conduct

  • This committee, by virtue of being appointed by the School Board, comes under the open public meetings law.
  • The BAC will make provisions for public input.
  • The BAC will elect a Chair and a Secretary to record meeting minutes and get meeting announcements to the media.
  • The BAC will decide if there should be a removal process for not attending meetings, e.g., missing three in a row. The appointment of new BAC members will be the responsibility of School Board.
  • The BAC will adopt an operational policy that states, “No individual member shall speak for the BAC on any BAC matter except as decided by majority vote of the BAC. The BAC will not represent itself as speaking for the District.”

Roles and Responsibilities
The BAC will:

  • Meet periodically with the architect and a representative of the general contractor.
  • Make recommendations to the superintendent and the School Board on the proposed design and construction of the school.
  • Monitor bond expenditures against the design and construction budget and communicate expenditure progress to the community.
  • Post regular reports and minutes in a “Bond Advisory Committee” section on the District’s web page.
  • Visit construction site and grounds to ensure Bond expenditures are occurring according to the plan.
  • Report to the School Board at least quarterly or more often as requested by the School Board.